A spacious and sheltered beach

Cala Marçal is one of the largest and best accessible beaches in Portocolom. The silvery sand, the crystal clear water and the surrounding rocks are a feature of this place in paradise. You can easily drive there from anywhere on the island.

Cool off at the beach bar in Cala Marçal

The beach bar in Cala Marçal is ideal for having breakfast with your feet in the sand. You can also have lunch or a snack with friends and family. And don't forget cocktails and smoothies, absolutely perfect for hot, sunny days.

Enjoy luxury in Cala Marçal’s beach bar

Eat surrounded by tranquility, serenity…a luxury that’s within reach for all. Light snacks, cocktails of all flavours and spectacular sunsets. The beach bar is an ideal place to enjoy with family or with friends any day of the week.